Me and My Personality

Hi group fellows ! I am glad to introduce myself to write about me few word as well as about my profession so that all members may know about me and my nature.(I have a bad habit that when I write, so I tried to marked in bold or easy to catch the eyes and write in details.

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Naseem Ahmed

Star :


Date of Birth :

5th June 1971

Marital status :


Nature :

Friendly, Hard working, Straight Forward Come to the point, Sincere and Devoted.

Views :

I don’t like Political, Religious, Ethical discussions. I respect people’s visions and views.

Hobbies :

Business + Networking, Browsing, Multimedia, Love to Communication, Reading etc.

Liking :

Communication, Songs, Movies, Arts, Traveling, Discovery, Search for New things.

Disliking :

When people send me replies about my invitation very rudely, because neither I am asking for money nor my mail will bother them to come out from system and bite them, everyday we receive hundreds of mails on which 60% will be junk, so just delete it. It is not essential for them to reply to show off the bad way of communication. It’s just like, I’m giving a flower to somebody and in return, I received the stone. However it is against the Sociology and Ethics.

Formula for life :

About respect, Give and Take, Always tell the truth because the truth will come in front of you in future. Don’t insult and break heart of any people, may be he is better than you tomorrow.

Education :

MBA in Business Communication, Administration, International Relations, Diploma in Commerce, Information and Technology, Marine Studies.

Profession :

Marine Consultancy and Advisory, Business Executive.

Area of Expertise :

Ship Registration, Trading Certification, ISM, ISPS, Classification Certification, Management, Offshore Companies Formation, Admiralty Laws and all services related to Marine Profession. I have spent my half life on this profession. I love friendship with sincere peoples.

Specialization :

Marine Consultant, Marine Adviser, Business Management, Business Communication, Diplomatic Communication, International Business and Governmental Communication, International Relations, Negotiation, Flag of Convenience Project, Preparation, Planning, Establishing, Management, Control of Maritime Network, Flag Administration, Technical, Class Management, Software Applications, Internet Search Expert, Networking, Marketing Research, and ability to mold and learn any kind of work, Task, Target, Achievements. Admiralty Law management, Insurance, P&I, Underwriter, Risk Management, Diplomatic and Foreign Affairs Relations, Communication, Management etc.

==> For more details about me, visit my profile. I wish for everyone, to be happy, be successful, be hardworking, be cool, with bless of God., And the last but not least, "Peace in the world only possible when we are ethical human as the God wants with all people of the earth live with peace".


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